TOPIC: ISP Redundancy and HA Firewall Implementation

I. Industry
Finance Industry – Banking

II. Situation
The company will be transferring to a different office location. With this migration, they want to upgrade their network, adding back-up or fail safe for both internet connection and firewall hardware.

III. Solution
(1)The company plans on having additional internet service provider (ISP) to continue operations when the other one ISP is down. (2) They would need a solution that can support the redundancy of both ISP and firewall.

IV. Value Proposition
Netmarks Philippines Inc. (NMPI) proposed on adding a similar hardware to that of the company’s existing firewall so that the devices can be configured to High Availability (HA). This will also support the new ISP that will NMPI will install.

V. Benefits
The new NMPI solutions secure the internet traffic when one of the ISP or Firewall devices are down. With this setup, one of the two devices can shoulder the traffic without the need of user intervention. Also, the load of the traffic would be evenly handled now that there are two ISPs and firewall devices.

VI. Overall
The company was able to have the network upgrade that they wanted. With the ISP redundancy and High Availability configuration, there is added security and support to their network.

VII. Diagram
Before Implementation After Implementation