TOPIC: Wireless Bridge Implementation

I. Industry

II. Situation
The company has a New office Building, situated 1.3km away from their Main Building. With this expansion, they want the new building to have LAN and Internet Connectivity.

III. Solution
Normally, to acquire cabled connection they would need to lay fiber optic cables from the Main Building to the New Building. This requires physical wiring and work of internet cables throughout the Company and Park compound.

 IV. Value Proposition
Netmarks Philippines Inc. (NMPI) proposed on using a long range wireless technology that can reach long distances with acceptable speed, avoiding the trouble of physical cabling.  These devices are mounted on poles that are placed on the roofs of each building where they will be aligned to each other to get the maximum capable connectivity speed.

V. Benefits
The new NMPI solution is connected to a switch that will distribute the intranet and/or internet traffic in the New Building. This network connectivity can be utilized to fit the needs and requirements of the new building. Also, by implementing this wireless bridge, there was no need to lay tubes and cables across company compound and commonly used roads which saved work and cost of Long Distance cabling.

 VI. Overall
The company gained the LAN and Internet Connectivity they wanted for their new building. They were satisfied with the speed of the connectivity and their bandwidth requirements from the New Building to the Main Building was met.

VII. Diagram

Before Implementation

After Implementation