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TBConsulting Partners with Nutanix for Rapidly Expanding VDI Environment

TBConsulting has been providing high quality managed IT services to clients in the Southwestern region of the United States for over 20 years. As a result of its excellent reputation, demand for services has been escalating. “What led us to Nutanix was the ability to provide exponential growth for our clients,” explained Dieter Gable, CEO of TBConsulting. “One of our largest healthcare clients posed the question, ‘If we were to grow by 10x in a very short period of time, how fast could you respond?’ We wanted the answer to be ‘very fast.”

TBConsulting used a 3-tier infrastructure platform before moving to Nutanix. “It was a very traditional set up,” noted Gable. “We were buying a lot of EMC storage systems and HP blades. It was a homegrown solution, pieced together with Cisco components, using VMware ESXi and Horizon View for the virtual desktop environment.”

As a result of the complexity of the 3-tier environment, there was room for improvement in deployment time. “Acquiring all of the new equipment, configuring it, and getting it ready for use always took several months,” Gable reported. “We vetted several best-in-class vendors, and came away with the clear impression that Nutanix had the best solution for our fast-growth, VDI use case.”

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The Nutanix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution enables IT to ensure both enterprise-wide productivity and efficiency while providing users with a high-level computing experience.

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