The Future of Logistics and Delivery Matching Services in the Philippines

Uniadex, Dai Nippon Printing, and Global Mobility Service formed a joint venture in the Philippines to provide logistics and delivery matching services in anticipation of increased demand for logistics and future expansion.

Many delivery periods and costs have occurred in the Philippines as a result of a shortage of delivery drivers, severe chronic congestion in the city center, delays in the development of delivery mechanisms, and other factors in response to increased physical distribution as a result of steady economic growth. It was becoming clear that there was an issue. Furthermore, the usage of online shopping and food delivery is fast expanding as a result of the new coronavirus infection, and delivery-related difficulties are getting more serious.

Uniadex, DNP, and GMS have formed a joint venture in the Philippines to address these difficulties and meet the growing delivery demand. The joint venture will use a delivery matching platform that leverages ICT to provide last-mile logistics Solutions.

3Q DASH TECHNOLOX, INC., a Uniadex Philippines affiliate created on February 4, 2022, will combine DNP’s logistics delivery matching technology into a cloud environment, which the new JV would give to shippers and delivery drivers as a delivery matching platform.

Through FinTech services, GMS provides employment options and assistance for three-wheeled motorcycle taxi drivers to enhance