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The Niyodo adventure

The path taken by Norihiro Kanzawa, who left Saitama Prefecture to work as an outdoor guide in Niyodogawa, Kochi Prefecture, is a testament to his love of exploration. He and his Canadian wife, Zoe, co-run Niyodo Adventure after deciding to settle in this charming town. Together, they have years of experience leading packrafting and canyoning trips, giving adventurers and a chance to discover the breathtakingly pure blue waters of the Nakatsu Gorge. 

Niyodo Adventure is a platform for exhilarating outdoor pursuits and a symbol of the couple’s dedication to their chosen way of life. The path taken by Norihiro Kanzawa is a prime example of how pursuing one’s passion may result in a happy and rewarding job that is entwined with personal fulfilment and family development. 

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