Empowering Mothers in Golf: Yoshimi Koda’s Vision for Childcare Centers

Yoshimi Koda, a professional golfer, discusses her passion for golf and her role as a mother to her two children, highlights the importance of LADYGO, a tournament for married golfers, and the Step Up Tour “Castrol Ladies,” which allows mothers to participate in matches with their children.   

Koda plans to open her first daycare center in Narita, to provide a place for professional golfers and the general public to enjoy golf. This would allow parents to leave their children with them and learn golf from professional golfers. She emphasizes the importance of having fun while raising children, as stress accumulates in everyday life. She hopes that opening a daycare center will allow more mothers to focus on their hobbies and relax.  

Koda’s passion for golf and her desire to support her family is evident in her dedication to the sport. She believes that childcare centers and other initiatives can make golf more enjoyable and accessible for golfers and the public.