Breaking Barriers in Mental Health: The Rise of Metaverse Clinic

Metaverse Clinic is a virtual space allowing individuals to discuss their concerns with medical professionals anonymously. Kohei Yoshioka, CEO of comatsuna Co., Ltd., founded the clinic to create a psychologically safe environment where people can speak freely about their physical or mental issues, inspired by his experience as a doctor noticing patients’ reluctance to be fully honest. 

The clinic offers consultations and hosts events in the Metaverse, where professionals like dentists, pharmacists, psychiatrists, and psychologists provide advice. Established around 2019-2020, the clinic was inspired by the rise of digital healthcare and aims to lower the barriers to seeking mental health support. It operates on multiple Metaverse platforms, including VRCHAT, Spatial, and DOOR, to reach a broad audience. 

Yoshioka recognizes both the potential and limitations of the Metaverse in healthcare, striving to deliver high-quality services without over-relying on the technology.